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Where are people moving from and to?

Interesting Industry Highlights from AMSA Industry Trends:


Top three busiest moving months:  July, June, August

Top three slowest moving months: February, November, January


Chicago is the #1 outbound city at 62.9%

Chicago is the last inbound city at 37%


Top inbound cities:

Portland, OR    66.3%

Charlotte, NC 63.9%

Austin, TX  60.7%

Tampa, FL  58.7%

San Francisco, CA   57.9%


Lowest outbound activity:

Portland 33.7%

Charlotte 36.1%

Austin 39.3%

Tampa 41.3%

San Francisco 42.1%



Top inbound states:







Top outbound states:








US home sales are up 6% in the last year

Midwest home sales are up 12.1% in the last year


The two brackets of greatest growth in home sales in the Midwest are $250,000 – $500,000  up 25.5% and $1million+ up 25.4%


Reasons why people moved (2012 – 2013 survey)

48% housing

30.3% family

19.4% unemployment




When is a good time to move?


Movers are busy during the summer.  Peak season begins mid May and continues through Mid September.  This means schedules book up quickly, pricing increases and availability is limited.

Of course there are many factors to selecting your move date, some which may be out of your control, such as the sale of your home and closing on a new home.  However, if you have options and can schedule your move prior to mid May, it may be to your advantage.

Remember, we also have short and long term storage.  We can hold items overnight or for years while you transition between homes.